Join him in Scotland and reconnect to the resourceful, happy and successful person you really are.

Only One Intention - Andy Ferguson
Only One Intention - Andy Ferguson
Only One Intention – Andy Ferguson

Discover The Real Scotland – Discover The Real You.

Scotland is amazing: A place that inspires, thrills and never ever disappoints. It’s the remarkable place of ideas and history, of culture and science, of great philosophers and world shaping entrepreneurs. And most of all it’s a place of breathtaking beauty and ancient vitality, a place Andy is proud to call home.

When you’re looking to understand yourself and your place in the world more deeply, when you’re at a crossroads in your life, your career or business, or when you’re stuck, the way forward will become clear on a walk with  One Intention through the rich, stimulating and inspiring scenery of Scotland with Andy as your guide.

At Only One Intention “our” intention is to help you create the happy, rewarding and fulfilling life you really desire, everyday. And we know that “getting away from it all”, even for a day, is a vital first step to making the breakthrough you need. That’s why our walking programs are designed to always feel like an amazing vacation.

We design them to be fun, rewarding, engaging and life affirming. We all know that taking a break will recharge us,  give us a new perspective, provide us with the space we need to put what’s important back at the very centre of our lives. Think of a walk with One Intention as a short vacation – only better.

 Discover The Real Scotland – Discover The Real You.

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