Meet Scotland’s Amazing People Walker.

Andy Ferguson has a gift for using storytelling and metaphors to help us understand ourselves and our world more fully. He is passionate about connecting with people, learning from their experiences and their wisdom and encouraging them to share this with others. He has discovered that it is in “realising our potential” that we inspire others to do the same.

Andy’s had lot’s of jobs whilst following his path, lot’s of challenging and many many rewarding experiences. He’s lived, worked and travelled around the globe sharing adventures with amazing people and subsequently writing and talking about these to entertain and inspire as many people as he can.

Although educated in the technical disciplines of Analogue and Digital Electronics and Microprocessor Systems Design, it was whilst qualifying as a Ski Instructor in his mid-twenties that Andy found his true calling: Helping others develop skills and confidence in amazing, rich and exciting new environments.

Now in his mid-fifties Andy has rediscovered the delight and joy of living everyday outside, hail, rain or shine, and thus he decided to move his business away from coaching and training over the phone and internet to the much more powerful and rewarding programs he now runs walking and talking in and around the magnificent countryside near his home in Central Scotland.

Andy is married with two, near grown-up children, is currently training to complete a 36 day 1000 mile run/speed walking to Chamonix in France, is working on his second and third books and developing for his new stage show.

At 55 years of age, he says “I’m just getting started”.

Andy Ferguson

Author – Guide – Mentor – Speaker

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Mike Berry

Andy was the opening speaker at the Inspire Scotland event, and was absolutely brilliant. He set the tone perfectly with his wit, pathos and inspirational message. His stories are personal and unique, but his message is universal. I have had the pleasure of sharing a stage with Andy several times, and have always been impressed by his ability to move, inspire and motivate any audience

Mike Berry